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Enter your delivery address to explore any American Food delivery options near you. Established in 1858, the Central College of Bangalore is the city's oldest college. It was affiliated originally with University of Mysore and subsequently with Bangalore University. In 1882 priests from the Paris Foreign Missions Society established St. Joseph's College. Bangalore University was established in 1886; it is affiliated with over 500 colleges and has a total student enrolment of over 300,000.

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  • The city has considerable dust pollution, hazardous waste disposal, and disorganised, unscientific waste retrievals.
  • Bangalore got its first television network when Doordarshan established a relay centre in 1 November 1981.
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  • The unique savory notes of that gravy compliment fried chicken in a way that no other chicken restaurant on this list can replicate, and it’s why Jollibee deserves such a high spot on this list.
  • This might come as surprise to many who’ve never used Kroger.

Christians and Jains account for 5.6% and 1.0% of the population, respectively, double that of their national averages. Roughly 10% of Bangalore's population lives in slums.—a relatively low proportion when compared to other cities in the developing world such as Mumbai (50%) and Nairobi (60%). Bangalore has a handful of freshwater lakes and water tanks, the largest of which are Madivala tank, Hebbal Lake, Ulsoor Lake, Yediyur Lake and Sankey Tank. However, about 90% of Bangalore's lakes are polluted; the city government began revival and conservation efforts in December 2020. Groundwater occurs in silty to sandy layers of the alluvial sediments. The Peninsular Gneissic Complex is the most dominant rock unit in the area and includes granites, gneisses and migmatites, while the soils of Bangalore consist of red laterite and red, fine loamy to clayey soils.

Bangalore is home to the Kannada film industry, which produces about 200 Kannada feature films each year. Bangalore also has an active theatre culture; popular theatres include Ravindra Kalakshetra and the Ranga Shankara. Plays are organised mostly by community organisations, but some by amateur groups. Drama companies touring India under the auspices of the British Council and Max Müller Bhavan also stage performances in the city frequently. The Alliance Française de Bangalore also hosts numerous plays throughout the year. Bangalore is served by Kempegowda International Airport, located at Devanahalli, about 40 km from the city centre.

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Star TV was the first Bangalorean private domaine dambrun tarif satellite channel, starting in September 1991. Direct To Home services also became available in Bangalore from around 2007. All India Radio, the Indian national state radio service, started broadcasting from its Bangalore station on 2 November 1955.

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Cub Foods is famous for allowing the customers to bag their own groceries which gives them the freedom to shop easily. Since the beginning they have kept their trend and serving the customers with the services and products that they will not find anywhere else. Church’s knows how to do hand-battered, deep-fried chicken right.

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Yelp, a ratings and reviews site, put together the list by evaluating all of the Massachusetts dog-friendly restaurants on its platform on several factors, including the number and quality of ratings. You almost want a whole bucket of the gravy just to dip into the chicken, it’s that good. The unique savory notes of that gravy compliment fried chicken in a way that no other chicken restaurant on this list can replicate, and it’s why Jollibee deserves such a high spot on this list. We’ve honestly never had a wing flavor at Wingstop we didn’t like.

Bangalore's social and economic diversity is reflected in its cuisine. Roadside vendors, tea stalls, and South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Western fast food are all popular. Udupi restaurants are popular and serve predominantly vegetarian, regional cuisine.

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The Chicken Shack, which is the chain’s signature fried chicken sandwich, is a mouthwatering combination of fried chicken, buttermilk mayo, pickles and lettuce. No faffs, no frills, just a down-home good chicken sandwich that will almost make you forget what the joint is known for. In stark contrast with ordinary grocery stores, stuff that you’ll find at Trader Joe’s is generally from their own brand.

Dollar General is very popular among American shoppers looking for discount groceries. All of the contact information for the nation’s favorite fast food restaurant is now available on a single page. Fast food is one of those food categories that has a negative rep. Modern fast food nearby has gone a long way from its image as the greasy, low-class relative of sit-down restaurants. If you’re a junkie or fan of fast food, you’ve come to the right place. Use the interactive map below to find your favorite fast food near you. Your Pizza delivery options may vary depending on where you are in a city.