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The uakari is native to the jungles of South America with its prominent hairless face. Usually, when I compile a list of animals that start with a certain letter I only use English common names. I don’t use scientific names because that’s not really what people are looking for and it usually adds many thousands of names to a list. However, for animals that start with x, I had to dig a little deeper. Wordmom.com is popular among all kinds of English language users including College & University students, Teachers, Writers and Word game players.

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  • The capybara, the world’s largest rodent, likes to be in and around bodies of water.
  • These are two-toed sloths that originated from South America.
  • The word rooster comes from the Latin word gallus, which means both cock and rooster.
  • WildlifeInformer.com is your #1 source for free information about all types of wildlife and exotic pets.

The most imposing characteristic of this monkey is arguably its deep red face devoid of any hair. The Uakari is an omnivore, and therefore, a diet consisting of fruits, insects, lizards, and other small animals. Its strong hands and feet are duly suited to its foraging in the jungles of South America. The Uakari have lived with people side by side although they are plummeting in population which allude to the interaction as the major cause of this decline in their numbers. They are not only hunted, but their habitat is under threat due to logging and other human activities.

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These are solitary carnivores, and they belong to the shrew family. Learn the popular list of Animal Names in English with Pictures and example sentences and find the perfect match for your pet. News and facts about animals, natural history and science. Although shrews resemble small rodents such as mice, they belong to a separate family, Soricidae, and are more closely-related to animals such as hedgehogs and moles.

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They can live from https://aboutdogs.us/pats-dogs just under the shore to 5,000 meters below sea level! Sea urchins belong in a class of animals known as Echinoidea, which includes starfish and sand dollars. Now, you can’t look at an animal and tell if it starts with the letter U. But after going through our list, you can hold your head high and be ahead of the game.

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Unlike other frogs, it is highly aquatic and thrives in freshwater. The unadorned flycatcher is a native species of flycatcher living in Peru and Bolivia. They can be observed sitting quietly and waiting to capture insects.

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It is known as a ground bird and is native to the eastern and northern parts of South America. Unlike the rest of the birds in this list, the unadorned flycatcher has muted and dull colors. This is why it received the name unadorned, due to its dull mix of gray and brown tones.

There are only a few animals with names that start with the letter U, and they include the uguisu, the umbrellabird, and the uakari. The uguisu is a bird whose song makes up for its dull plumage, and it is endemic to parts of Asia. The umbrellabird, whose name comes from its umbrella-like tuft adorning its head, is a larger species found in South and Central America. The uakari is a species of monkey and is the only primate in the list.

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